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Our Team

Over 95 Years of Combined Experience 

Chief Dana Sechler (ret.)

President & Founding Principal

Chief Sechler has been actively involved in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the Fire Service for over 32 years in various capacities.  He has participated in both EMS and Fire departments that were volunteer, paid-on-call, combination, ‘resident program’ pilot projects, and career Services.


Mr. Sechler has held Administrative positions as a Fire Chief, an EMS Director, a Billing Services Manager, and a Wisconsin State EMS Office official—as the ALS / Paramedic Program Coordinator at Wisconsin DHS.  Dana is a respected resource in the Public Service community and is often asked to speak on a number of current and critical issues at various local, State, and Regional conferences for EMS & Fire.


In his full-time career in EMS & Fire Services, Chief Sechler gained valuable experience working at a number of different types and models of Services, including Fire-based, Hospital-based, and County-based EMS, a Third party Service, a Municipal Service, and a District Service.  Dana also founded and co-owned a Private ambulance service. His experience as an EMS provider, Officer, Supervisor, Manager, and Administrator stems across the states of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois, allowed him to learn many different ways to provide and manage EMS in a variety of settings.


Mr. Sechler has work experience at several Colleges / Training Centers, in various capacities including EMS Instructor, Fire Instructor, Adjunct Faculty, Educator, and Administrator for both initial and continuing education classes—for all the levels of EMS (including EMR, EMT, Intermediate, and Paramedic) as well as a number of Fire and Rescue classes. In the educational setting, Dana co-wrote several different curriculum that were adopted at the State level (for both Wisconsin and Iowa) for use in training EMS providers. 


Dana has been a valued member on various EMS projects, Committees, Boards, and Associations at the local, State, and National levels.  Over the last several years, Dana has become quite active in the Legislative process— advocating for EMS with elected officials—both at the State and Federal level.  In addition, Dana has conducted a number of EMS Leadership courses across the State (on behalf of the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health) utilizing a course curriculum that he developed.

Chief Sechler has held, and/or continues to hold a number of EMS & Fire credentials including:

          EMT, Intermediate, Paramedic, & Critical Care Paramedic

          Firefighter I & II


          Rope Rescue I & II

          Fire Officer I

          Numerous Instructor certifications for EMS, Fire, and the American Heart Association, including BLS / ACLS / PALS

In short, Chief Sechler has gained a wide variety of experience in almost every possible aspect of Emergency Medical Services and the Fire Service, which can be drawn upon for some unique and out-of-the box ideas and solutions to issues affecting EMS & Fire in today’s complex environment. 

Company Consultants

Jesse Coulson pic_edited.jpg
Chief Jesse Coulson, AGS

Senior Consultant

Chief Coulson is currently the Fire Chief in the City of Spencer, Iowa.  The Fire Department is a combination department that provides Fire & EMS to the community.


Jesse has over 24 years experience in Fire & EMS.  He started his career as a volunteer firefighter/paramedic in 2000, in Key West, Iowa.  He was then hired to assist with the opening of a Private Ambulance Service that is still operational today.  The Private Service became the primary 9-1-1 ambulance for East Dubuque, Illinois.


Chief Coulson continued to pursue his passion for his Public Safety career when he accepted a job with the Dubuque Fire Department in 2003.  Serving as a firefighter/paramedic Jesse was promoted to fire equipment operator, and then to a Lieutenant that supervised a crew for a ladder truck, an ALS ambulance, and a County-wide Hazardous Materials unit.  In addition, Jesse served as a Tactical Medic with the Dubuque Police Department for 14 years.  Jesse was also a Field Training Officer, Shift Training Coordinator, and a Live Fire Instructor, in which he created curricula and mentored other firefighters .

Jesse instructed several hundred hours of training, and coordinated numerous other training events.  He has researched, developed, and instructed cutting-edge programs for multiple agencies, including a fire safety program that reached over 1,800 elementary students in the first year.  He has presented his research and trainings at numerous local and regional Fire and EMS conferences.  He also completed an intercultural development course and was invited to join the Intercultural Competency Facilitators Team for the City.

Since 2016 Mr. Coulson has also been the EMS Program Developer at Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) in which he develops, implements, schedules, collaborates, and manages all EMS education for the College students at the EMR, EMT, and AEMT levels.  In this position, Jesse successfully implemented a High School EMT program for eligible students--in which the initial class obtained a 100% first time pass rate with the NREMT!


Chief Coulson has the following Credentials:


            Associate of General Studies

            Firefighter I & II

            Fire Inspector I

            Fire Officer I

            EMS & Fire Service Instructor

            National Registered Paramedic; HazMat Tech        

            Highway Emergency Response Specialist &                                    Tank Car Specialist

           Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

           National Fire Academy (NFA):

                ~ Youth Firesetter Intervention Specialist I & II                      ~ Safety Officer

Chief Nick Siemens, BS, MS

Senior Consultant

Chief Nick Siemens started his Fire & EMS career as a volunteer firefighter with Bettendorf Fire Rescue in 1998.  He then took a full-time position with Cheyenne Fire Rescue, where he spent 19 years serving the community.  He held the ranks of firefighter, paramedic, engineer, and company officer, before being promoted to the rank of Division Chief of Training.  


Duties associated with the Division Chief position included planning and coordinating an annual training program for all Operations level personnel; planning and coordinating the new-hire recruit academy; supervising and coordinating the activities of other instructors; developing a comprehensive training program for use by single or multiple organizations; conducting an organization needs analysis; developing training goals and implementation strategies; preparing  a training budget; planning and coordinating a training program for the department Standard Operating Procedures, and developing and administering assessment center testing for promotional exams. 


During his time at Cheyenne Fire Rescue, Chief Siemens was also the Program Director for the Laramie County Community College Fire Science Program, and he was the past chair of the Laramie County Training Officers group. 


In 2023, Nick joined Western Taney County Fire Protection District as the Division Chief of Training.  The Fire Protection District is a combination department that utilizes a wide range of staff—from volunteers to full-time personnel.  Nick’s duties include providing direct supervision to 20 fire district instructors during training evolutions and classes. He also coordinates the annual training program and assists in program delivery as needed. As a Division Chief he is integrated into the Incident Command System during emergencies of all types and has experience directing fire ground and other emergency operations. 


Chief Siemens has the following Credentials: 


         Master of Science - Disaster Preparedness and Executive Fire Department Leadership 

            Bachelor of Science - Public Safety and Emergency Management 

            Associate of Applied Science - EMS - Paramedic 

            Fire Officer I &II 

            Fire Instructor I & II 

            Fire Inspector I 

            HazMat Ops 

            Blue Card Incident Commander Program  

            National Fire Academy (NFA): 

                 ~ Managing Officer Program 

                 ~ Leadership Strategies for Company Success 

                 ~ Training Program Management 

                 ~ Fire Service Course Design 


Andy Ney, BA


Andy Ney brings over 13 years of active involvement in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) showcasing a diverse and accomplished career.  His journey includes roles as an EMT, Paramedic, and Critical Care Paramedic, holding licenses in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.


Notable administrative positions include serving as the Director of Operations at Paramount EMS in Dubuque, Iowa, as well as the Paramedic Program Director at Northeast Iowa Community College in Peosta, Iowa.  Complementing his professional commitments, Andy has devoted over a decade as a volunteer Firefighter / Paramedic with the Centralia-Peosta Fire Department, underscoring his dedication to community well-being.

A key figure in the Iowa EMS Association (IEMSA) since 2018, Mr. Ney has held pivotal roles as President, Treasurer, and Board Member.  His insights into EMS operations span all ownership types, and he has been particularly impactful in the Legislative Committee, contributing to significant victories in Iowa, including the GEMT Supplemental Medicaid Payment and the passage of the Essential Service bill in 2021.  


Additionally, Andy holds a position on the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin (PAAW) Board in the For-Profit sector, further solidifying his influence in shaping ambulance services in Wisconsin.

Beyond leadership and association roles, Andy is actively involved in Contract Paramedic positions with The Medic Rig and The Snocross Mobile Medical Team, providing his expertise to the national motocross and snocross circuit.


Mr. Ney has the following Credentials:


     Bachelor of the Arts Degree in Management

     Critical Care Paramedic

     EMS Instructor

     Firefighter I

     HazMat Ops

     Various certifications from:

          American Heart Association (AHA)

          National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)

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